unique creations by DAVii

The brand Davii was born from the passion for fashion of its founder and designer, Davi.

After working for many years for other famous brands in Brazil and South America, Davi left his native country to move to Porto, Portugal.

In 2017 he created there his atelier, where he realizes unique handmade garments characterised by a sartorial cut.

He mostly works with fluid fabrics and silk, transforming them into “atemporal” and light creations. The lightness of his creations symbolises ethereal, essential and sophisticated femininity. The strength of the brand Davii lies in the “hand made”, its creations are unique, a product of an artistic creative process.

No two pieces are the same, no collection is fitted into cold or hot seasons, no dresses are one-offs.

Only the fabrics are unique, imported from Italy, especially organza, wool and natural silk.

The concept of Davii, a Brazilian designer who has lived in Porto for five years, is that each piece of clothing is a lego.

The idea is to have fun with it!

He often collaborates with the artist Milena Altini, with installations that oscillate between fashion and sculpture.

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